Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Butterfly Pendant- Ice Resin and Bezel Effects Paints!

In our experiences with bezel effects paints, we commonly see them used inside a bezel, finished off with resin. We decided to play a little and just use it as the background, instead of main focal point!

In this project, we used:
Butterfly sticker
Slices of polymer clay
Ice resin
Moon effects bezel paint (we used lilac)
Organza ribbon necklace
E6000 glue
30mm circle silver bezel
Craft Popsicle stick

1. First, we used our Popsicle stick to mix the bezel effects paint. You want to mix VERY well, even scraping the sides of the bottle to be sure all contents are mixed evenly. 

2. Make sure you blank bezel is on an even surface.

3. Once the bezel paint in thoroughly mixed, you can use the same stick and start dropping the paint into the bezel. Be sure to cover the entire surface inside the bezel.

4. Set aside and let dry. We allowed 24 hours, just to be safe. Once the paint is dry, you can add the butterfly.  We used E6000.

5. Next, we decided to add some polymer clay slices that are flower designs, just to give it a little more personality. We laid a few, poured a thin layer of Ice Resin, then laid the rest. Once all were laid out, we filled the remaining space of the bezel up to the brim with Ice Resin. You want to fill it enough that a slight dome forms. But be careful not to overfill! Set aside for 24 hours to allow it to set. ****Ice Resin loves dry, warm areas for setting****
6. Once dry, add your pendant to a necklace and you are done! We used one of our organza ribbon necklaces. Enjoy!
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