Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Sale!!!!!

Thanksgiving weekend sale!!!!!
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Magnet Polish Pendant Tutorial

This pendant is fun and easy to make!

Materials: pendant tray, pendant glass tile, Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish, clear base coat nail polish, E6000, necklace strand, crystals (optional).

1. With your pendant glass face down, apply a coat of the clear polish. Let dry.
2. Grab your magnetic polish and have the magnet cap they provide ready to use!
3. Now, add a generous coat of the magnetic polish. Go quickly to step 4 because you do not want that polish to dry.
4. Take the magnetic cap and hover over the polish as close as you can, 10 seconds each area. You will see the waves form! Continue until entire polished area has designs. Let dry.
5. Apply another layer of clear polish. Let dry.
6. Now apply some E6000 to the back of the glass (the same side you just painted). Gently set into tray and press down firmly. Once dry, add to a necklace strand, and you are done! For extra bling, you can also glue on a few crystals!

If the waves don't turn out right on your first try,  no worries, just clean the glass with nail polish remover, and try again!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY Jewelry Display

Make you own jewelry display board!

Directions for the jewelry display:
 1. Have your aluminum board ready. Cut it down if it is too large for your frame. You want it larger than the frame center, but smaller then the edge of the frame, so it does not hang over.

 2. Use a staple gun and staple the metal board to the back of the wood frame. It is best if your unfinished frame is approx 2 inches wide on the actual frame part itself. If you can't find an unfinished frame, most hardware or Home Depot stores will cut wood for you, and just use wood glue to create the frame.

 3. Now flip over the piece so you can lay the paper.

 4. Cover the frame with adhesive. We used mod podge. Once the frame is coated, cover it with a piece of scrap book paper. Press down firmly to make stick. Let it dry.

 5. Once dry, cut out the middle square, 3/4" away from frame. You will then glue that 3/4" to cover the inside lip of the frame (again, using mod podge). Let dry.

 6. Now it's time for the fun! Decorate any way you would like! We used a glue gun and E6000 on various ribbon roses, buttons, crystals, etc. Enjoy! This is the creative fun part!

 Note- please use caution and protective goggles when using a staple gun! Not to be used by children!
You can find the aluminum boards in different sizes and styles at our shops:    or
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Trapped Crystals" Pendant Tutorial

New pendant idea! Get the brilliance of crystals without giving up your glass! Here's how:

Materials: rectangle pendant tray, rectangle glass, E6000, Diamond Glaze, ball chain necklace, flat back crystals (size 9ss), rectangle Piddix pendant image, scissors or paper punch. 
1. Have blank pendant tray.
2. Apply a thin coat of diamond glaze covering inside bottom of tray. 
3. Cut or punch out your image. Lay on top of diamond glaze and gently press down, making sure no air bubbles. If any glaze seeps out, wipe away carefully. Let dry.
4. Using tiny dabs of E6000, attach your crystals where you want them. Let dry. 
5. Apply a thin layer of E6000 all the way around the glass. Then, carefully lay in to pendant tray. Press it in as much as you can. Wipe away any excess glue. Cover with a washcloth to protect the glass, and apply weight as it dries. A heavy book usually works well. This will keep the glass deep in the tray as it dries. 
6. Once dry, add to ball chain strand, you are done!

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New Noosa Items!

We are so excited to now carry Noosa jewelry items! They are very versatile since all the chunk snap charms are interchangeable. We have leather bracelets available in three colors.


And light brown:

We sell the snap hardware as well. And, of course, necklaces, too!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Textured Pendant Tutorial

Directions to make this pendant!
Materials: 25mm square pendant tray, ball chain necklace, paperclip, ice resin, Piddix image, scissors, Recollections micro beads.
1. Punch out or cut out you image. We then cut off the black border to change things up a bit.
2. Apply thin coat of ice resin to bottom of pendant tray.
3. Place your image in tray. Press down on image to get air bubbles out. We used the paperclip. This also allows the ice resin to ooze out, giving us adhesive to add the beads.
4. Grab your micro beads. 
5. Apply around the borders. This gives the pendant a neat textured look. You can use the paperclip to assist in moving the beads around, if needed. We then let dry, keeping the pendant level with the trusty paperclip!
6. Once dry, fill the pendant the rest of the way with ice resin. Let dry on level surface.
7. Add to ball chain necklace, you are done!
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Holiday Print Organza Bags

Add a little cheer during the holidays with our Christmas/Holiday Organza bags! There are four styles total. Great for jewelry, candy, and even party favors!