Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Fly" Pendant Tutorial

Here are steps to this neat pendant!
Materials- 25mm vintage brass square pendant tray, ice resin, flights of fancy Piddix collage image, Diamond Glaze, 2.4mm antique bronze ball chain, crystal embellishment, plastic half pearl sticker, letter stickers. 
1. With your blank pendant, attach the Piddix image to the pendant with a very small amount of diamond glaze. Position your letter stickers where you desire. Let dry. 
2. Add the plastic pearls, then cover pendant with ice resin. Do not fill to the top. You will be doing another layer once this first layer dries. After dried, add a second layer of resin, and add the crystal. Careful not to cover crystal with resin as it may lose the sparkle effect. Let dry on flat surface. 
3. Attach to necklace, and done!

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Just Breathe" Ice Resin Pendant

Having too much fun playing with our newly added Ice Resin!
Here are the steps to make this cute and easy pendant:

Materials: Ice resin, Glitter flakes, Pendant tray, Flower stickers, Verse stickers, and Organza necklace.
1. Start with blank pendant tray. We used oval, but you can use any size really.
2. Fill pendant tray with a layer of Ice Resin.
3. While still wet, add a layer of glitter flakes. They will sink themselves into the resin. Let dry.
4. Once first layer is dry, add stickers. The resin will have made a hard surface the stickers can stick to.
5. Next, add more resin. At this point, we added a little more glitter flakes to blend in the edges of the verse stickers, and just make other areas pop. You can move the glitter with a push pin. Be sure that with the new layer of ice resin and the additional glitter, your pendant tray is filled to pretty much the edge. Let dry on a flat surface.
7. Add the pendant to your organza necklace, and you are done!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dragonfly pendant with Ice Resin

Ice Resin is here! It is an excellent filler to use in your pendants. And it is pre-measured! Just squeeze, stir, and use! It hardens to such a crystal clear finish. 

So easy to use! #iceresin

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Or here:

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cupcake Hairbow

We are in love with this cupcake hair bow we made using a hairclip, our cupcake buttons, our pink bottlecap, and some ribbon!
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"Dog Lover" Keychain

Calling all dog lovers!
Here are the steps to make this "Dog Lover" keychain. So simple but so cute! Enjoy!

1. Punch a hole in your unlined bottlecap (we used our black bottlecap and a heavy duty punch).
2. Attatch 2 jump rings to the bottlecap, then to a swivel clip and key chain. We painted the inside of the bottle cap with agold glitter nailpolish. Let dry.
3. Cut off the loop from the back of the dog button and make as flat as possible. Glue dog and hearts in using E6000. Let dry.
4. Cut off loop from back of dog bone button in same manner as step 3. Glue to other side of bottlecap. Let dry.
5. Glue "I love dogs" flat button to a bail. Let dry.
6. Add "I love dogs" to key chain clip, and you are done!

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