Thursday, April 24, 2014

Resin Rose Pendant

With all of our experimenting with crystal clay, we are probably now MOST excited that we can even add our resin roses to it! Worked wonderfully! And of course we can't just keep this to ourselves....

Here's how we did it:

First, roll out two equal parts of your crystal clay parts A and B. 

Next, mix the two together until completely mixed. No marveling of colors at all. If it is not mixed completely, it will not set and harden correctly. So knead away! Usually takes a few minutes of kneading together.

Now, we placed the crystal clay in to one of our old style 1 inch square pendant trays. Be sure to press it in firmly so it sticks. Once we had it pressed in, we pushed the rose into the clay. 

Now, you can go ahead and starting adding in any other embellishments you want! We added crystal chatons and plastic pearls. Again, press them firmly in to place.

Because we wanted a colored clay, we dusted on some powder. Be sure to really firmly pounce it on so that it will stick to the clay, but not so hard that you actually change the shape of your design. Cover the entire piece in an ample amount of powder. 
**we actually use eye shadow powder but there are crystal clay pigment powders you can buy as well and are what the manufactures recommend**

Once the powdering is complete, let the piece sit for 24 hours. It can be ready in only a few hours, but the extra time just confirms it will be entirely cured and hard.
After the time is up, just wipe off the excess powder. You can even use a lightly dampened cloth.
And it is complete!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ice Resin meets Polymer Clay- Tutorial

So, while we were at the bead show in Tucson earlier this year, we spotted some polymer clay rolls in the Lisa Pavleka booth/ room. They just looked like fun! Sooooo, we decided to introduce them to one of our favs, Ice Resin! They added that extra touch or pizazz to our creation!

In case you wanted to try your hand at the two, here are our instructions on how to make this Ice Resin pendant. Enjoy!
1. To begin, slice off as many polymer pieces you plan to use. You don't want them too thin, or they could break, but definitely not thicker than the height of your pendant tray. We have even seen these slices sold in the nail polish section of random stores.

2. Mix up your Ice Resin. Be sure to scrape the walls, too, as a way to ensure it gets totally mixed. You will see tons of tiny bubbles, and that's okay! It's made to do that. The bubbles go away on their own.

3. Using a pendant blank, apply a thin layer of Ice Resin to the entire inner area.

4. Next, add a layer of Mica Flakes. Be sure to press them in to the resin. This will keep them from moving or floating up when we pour in more resin later.

5. Once they are pressed down, you can pour in another thin layer of resin. You do not have to allow any drying time in between steps.

6. Now carefully place your designs (we used a sticker) and your polymer clay pieces into the pendant tray. Using a tooth pick or even a long push pin, position and firmly place your items. Once placed, slowly pour in the rest of your resin, filling the bezel to the brim.
Ice Resin is also self doming, so if you are careful, you can fill it to the very top of the brim and it should not spill over. I've even over poured VERY slightly and it still did not spill. But be sure you are working on a protected surface anyway. IF it does, be sure to wipe it up right away. Otherwise, you can't get it off.
If any of your items moved while pouring, just readjust them into place. Let sit for 24 hours on an even drying surface. 

7. Add a necklace chain, and you are done!

Let us know if you have any questions! Thanks!
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