Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Trust Necklace Tutorial

"Trust".... the topic of this tutorial!
We had been looking for a way to incorporate that trust sticker into a piece, and think we had success!
25mm circle princess pendant tray
25mm circle glass cabochon
Nail polish- we used a glittery light blue
3d butterfly sticker
"trust" sticker
E6000 glue
Organza necklace
Silver jump ring
1. To start, paint the entire surface area inside the bezel with nail polish. It gives a nice background color and can tend to add texture to the pendant. We used a few applications, allowing to dry in between each layer, because we wanted a more vibrant color.

2. Once dry, add your "trust" sticker, or any other word you want to use, to the pendant. Simply peel off the back to expose the adhesive, and stick in place!

3. Now, at this point, remove the little adhesive square usually found on the back of 3-d stickers. We then painted the back of the 3-D butterfly sticker with the same nail polish we painted the bezel with. Because the wings are slightly see-through, it helped to emphasize the shimmer in the background.

4. Once it dries, you can use a tiny dab of E6000 adhesive on the back of the butterfly, and then set into place inside the bezel.

5. In this step, you need your glass. Carefully line the edge of the glass with E6000. But be sure to only line the edges.

6. Place the glass carefully in to the bezel tray. The glue on the edges of the glass will catch the edges of the bezel tray. Let dry for 5-10 minutes.

6. Once dry, add the jump ring to the loop on top of the pendant tray.

7. Now, add your necklace, and you are done!

You can find the bezel tray/ pendant tray as well as a whole assortment of necklaces and E6000 in our shops!

Any questions, just let us know! Happy Crafting!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ice Resin Brown Butterflies

Beautiful butterflies Soaring in Ice Resin!

Have we mentioned just how much we love this stuff? Lol!
It's just so amazing!

Here, we just used mica flakes, with a 7/8" Piddix butterfly image. Then added 2 additional butterflies. The additional were stickers we just laid on top. 

Next, we poured the ice resin, filled to the brim until a dome formed. 
Any small bubbles you may see after pouring should work themselves out during the curing process. 

We then set it aside for 24 hours to let it completely cure. One the wait is over, it is rock hard!
Add a necklace, and it's complete!

You can find the necklace chain, pendant tray, Piddix images, and Ice Resin in either of our shops!

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Gun metal Bezel Tutorial

Have you seen our new gunmetal colored pendants?
We decided to take them for a test drive by introducing them to Crystal Clay and some Swarovski Crystals.
The result? We LOVE it!
We love it so much, it is only fair we share the steps!
Materials needed:
Crystal Clay/ Epoxy Clay- we used silver color
Swarovski chaton crystals
25mm circle gunmetal bezel tray
Wire necklace- we used black
Eye shadow- only if you want to alter color- we used black shimmer
Eye shadow brush
Paper tissue
Let's get started!
Step 1-
Roll out equal amounts of your crystal clay materials A and B.
Step 2-Mix the two together until there is one solid color, no marbling.

Step 3-
Have your empty bezel ready to go!

Step 4-
Place the clay into the bezel and carefully spread it and smooth it. In this example, the crystal clay came to just over the lip line of the bezel, and a dome was formed in the middle. If you need to smooth it out, place a tiny amount of baby oil on your finger and gently smooth the surface of the clay.

Step 5-
Place you crystals in desired positions. A tip*** place them a bit loose on the clay until you have an idea as to how you want your final piece to look. Then go ahead and tap each crystal into the clay. Be sure you tap them firmly enough that they do not wiggle and will be held securely in place once the clay cures.
If you need to move a crystal, simply remove it, smooth out the clay on that spot, and place in its new spot!

Here is another view, to show how deep we set the crystals into the clay.....

Step 6-
Once all crystals have been placed, we took things a step further.... of course we did, why not!?!?
Using some eye shadow that will NOT be used on anyone at a later date, call it craft shadow, we slightly changed the color of the clay. Simply take your eye shadow brush, or a paint brush would work, and load it up with the shadow. Then pounce it on to the clay. Don't press so hard that you change the shape of the clay, but enough pressure that she shadow will stuck. You can be very generous with the shadow. Anything that doesn't stick will come off later, when the clay has cured.
Set aside- we left for 12 hours, but usually 6 hours works too.

Step 7-
Take your soft tissue or even a slightly damp rag, and basically polish the pendant. This will remove any residual eye shadow and clean up the crystals so hey sparkle again! Add the pendant to a necklace and ta-da!

You can find the bezel tray/ pendant tray as well as a whole assortment of necklaces in our shops!

Any questions, just let us know! Happy Crafting!

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