Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Embossing Powder Pendants

As we have been doing more experimenting, we figured out a way to get our images to maintain the fuzzy look from embossing powder!

And we love the look!

Embossing powder was only added to the large rose in this image. It makes it pop, and gives it a texture level that doesn't occur anywhere else in the pendant image.
Here's how we did it!

First, we dabbed tiny spots of Judikins Glaze on to the large rose on our Piddix image, almost in a petal shape fashion. Before the glaze could dry, embossing power was sprinkled on top, and gently patted to be sure it would adhere to the glaze.

After 5-10 minutes, when it seemed the glaze had dried, the excess powder was tapped off of the image.
Next, we used our double sided adhesive stickers to attach the Piddix image to the tray. The stickers are as strong as glue and do not soak or discolor paper images.

We then took our rectangle glass and lightly lined the edges of the glass with E6000. Careful that you ONLY get the glue on the edges. Otherwise, it could distort the image. The glass was then placed into the tray, atop of the image, and set aside to dry.

Attach a necklace and you are done! So quick and easy!

You can find the supplies in either of our shops:

Materials used:
1 Silver rectangle pendant tray 24 x 48
1 glass rectangle 24 x 48
1 Piddix image rectangle 24 x 48
1 Rectangle double sided adhesive sticker
Judikins glaze
Embossing powder
Ball chain necklace 2.4mm in Rose color

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