Friday, August 19, 2016

Blue Ombre Pendant Tutorial

Blue Ombre Pendant Necklace!

We are soooo in love with how this turned out! And of course, we wanted to share!
Here is what you will need to complete this ombre pendant necklace:
Applicator sponge
3 Nail Polish colors (we used dark blue, lighter blue, and white)
Necklace chain (we used antique bronze rolo chain)
Pendant tray (we used 18 x 25 oval)
Glass cabochon (we used 18 x 25 oval)
Small flatback crystals
Mixing stick/ popsicle stick
1. First step to making the ombre pendant is to prepare. We start with the glass cabochon, flat side facing up.

2. On a piece of paper or plastic, drop large globs of your three nail polish colors next to each other, but not on top of each other. Be generous with this.

3. Use a stirring stick and blend the edges of the colors into each other. Do this gently as to avoid completely mixing the colors.

4. Gently place the applicator sponge on top of the polish. Be sure to get all three colors on the sponge. And keep in mind the size of the glass you are covering. If the sponge is larger than the glass, be sure to get all three colors in an area that can cover the glass. As you can see below.
Once nail polish is on the sponge, apply it to the glass. You may find it easier to place the glass onto the sponge, instead of sponge dabbing the glass.
If the colors are too light, repeat the previous steps and add more polish to the glass. Allow to dry.

5. Once you have the colors on the glass and they are the desired vibrancy, allow to dry.
After it is dry, paint the entire flat side of the glass cabochon with white nail polish. This makes the colors pop just a bit more.
Once that's dry, apply a drop of E6000 glue. You can smear it if you prefer, but its not necessary. Place into pendant tray and allow to dry.

6. Add the pendant to your necklace! This is when we used tiny dabs of the E6000 and added crystals to the outer edges. Allow to dry, and you are done!

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