Friday, September 18, 2015

Custom Photo Locket Necklace

Looking for a great custom gift for the holidays? Personalized Photo Lockets are always a winner! We can't think of anyone offhand that would not enjoy a gift that was personalized just for them! Soooo, we give you the Custom Photo Locket Necklace!

The mommy this was made for LOVES dragonflies! So, it worked out quite well!

We used the following materials:
Crystal Clay
Paper Punch
Craft Scissors

Let's get started!
First, start with you blank bezel. Use your Crystal Clay and Crystal to decorate the sunken middle on the front of the locket. Let sit for 6 hours.

Next, punch out two photos you wish to use on the inside of the locket. Once you have those, take the first photo and apply an epoxy dome sticker over your image. This will be the image on the right hand side of the inner locket.
Once the epoxy dome is applied to the front of the image, apply the double sided adhesive sticker to the back.

Once it has been applied to the back of the image, place it carefully into the inside of the cameo setting. Use caution! The adhesive stickers are very strong and will be very challenging if you need to re-position the image.

Once you have the first image placed, move to picture number two. First, because our images were printed on paper, we used Crystal Lacquer to protect it, We applied one coat to both front and back. Set aside to dry.
Once dry:
Place an adhesive sticker on the back of the image like you did in previous image step..

Once the sticker is applied, you will place the image firmly into the left hand side of the cameo setting.

Now, the inside of the pendant is complete. Next step, add the jump ring. Once that is added, you can loop the necklace strand through the jump ring, and you are done!

We love the way these crystals change color in the different views....

Such a one of a kind and meaningful gift!

We hope you have fun making this!

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