Monday, February 9, 2015

Coloring Ice Resin

Looking for new ways to color your Ice Resin or other jewelry resin? Well, we did the dirty work for you! We experimented with multiple mediums to color resin. Take a look at the results. Enjoy!


Using eleven different medium, we colored resin. The finished charm bezels are how they looked after they dried. 
First, we tried a pearl lilac colored acrylic paint. Then a red glitter acrylic paint. And some regular tiny (but not fine) gold glitter. 

The pearl lilac acrylic paint mixed pretty well. But, it did not mix perfectly. Because of the pearl shimmer, there were lighter parts and darker parts once it finished drying.
With the red glitter acrylic paint, we were really surprised. Usually, when used as a paint, it dries clear with nothing but the colored glitter showing. But with the resin, it stayed the exact same way it was when we squeezed it out of the tube. It still had that milky look to it.
The fine gold glitter was interesting. It mixed well, but it seems that as it dried, the glitter started to settle towards the bottom. That was surprising since, as you will see, we didn't have this happen with any of the other bigger glitter chunks that we used.

Up next was nail polish and turquoise alcohol ink.

The nail polish is a prism colored nail polish. So, when you use it on your nails, it slightly changes color depending on the angle you look at it from. For example, with this nail polish, the overall color is kind of a brick red color. But then when you view it from another angle, it looks much greener. When we used it with the resin, it did not maintain this effect. It mainly held the primary brick red color.
The alcohol ink mixed very easily, and kept the color of the ink. It also remained almost completely translucent. It gave it almost a gemstone type look to it.

Here, we used little glitter hearts in a teal color. And then used a rose colored embossing powder. 

The glitter hearts kept their look and kind of made the whole bezel look bluish. But it wasn't bleeding the color. It just seemed to reflect that way. 
The embossing powder was neat. It colored very evenly, kept the color, and was also somewhat translucent. 

Next we tried fun things from Iced Enamels. 

The Relique enamel powder was very cool. Since it contains powder as well as heavier copper colored pieces, the different powder weights added dimension to the ice resin. 
The shattered opal glitter was very neat as well. It added dimension, kept the opal looking color, and made it so that it slightly changes color when you look at it from different directions. 

Next up was a shimmery red semi-gloss acrylic glaze. And fine hair like purple glitter. 

The acrylic glaze was very interesting. It mixed very well, but lost most of the orange highlight shimmer that it had. 
The purple glitter worked really well as an accent for the ice resin. The color didn't changeand the glitter didn't dull at all. It just looked really pretty.

So there you have it! We hope that our trials and experiments help you in your creative process. We absolutely love ice resin and it was a pleasure to do these tests. We will use any excuse to play with our ice resin!
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