Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sugar Shimmer Bracelet

Has anyone seen the textured nail polishes out on the market? To be more specific, we are referring to Sally Hansens Sugar Shimmer nail polish, or a like kind. Well, we had picked some up because it just looked really neat!
The nail polish has tiny little grain like beads, super tiny. And, it has a glitter shimmer to it. 

Sooooooo, of course we had to try it on jewelry! 

We used our circle bezel bracelet and glass dome cabochons. 

All we did was paint three of the glass domes on their flat side. We used multiple coats of the nail polish until we achieved our desired darkness of color. 
In truth, we originally were planning to paint all five glass cabochons in this manner. But then the experimenting kicked in. For the last two, we left the flat side blank, and painted the dome. 

If you look closely at the picture below, the circle on the left was painted on top of the dome. The circle on the right was painted on the flat side under the dome.

The thing we loved about the polish on this was the different effects it offered. Painting on the flat part showed more glitter and definition. But painting the dome side showed an awesome texture!