Friday, January 31, 2014

New Pebeo Bezel Effects Paints!!!

Yay! Ok, for those of us that love DIY and love new things to try out, you will LOVE this as much as we do! We now carry Pebeo Bezel Effects Paints! Woot woot! They are so cool because the paints create honeycomb and moon crater surfaces.
This is the Fantasy Prisme paint. We finished it off with Ice Resin.

We also tried it, but with a glass cabochon instead of Ice Resin.
Here they are side by side.
And here you can see the transformation the bezel effects paints made when we poured it and waited a few minutes.

And this is an example of the Moon Effects, finished with ice Resin.
And here it is with a glass cabochon. The glass tends to magnify the "craters" a little more.
You can find these fantastic bezel paints at either of our shops!

Friday, January 17, 2014

CHA Mega Show 2014

One of my assistants and I had the opportunity to go to the CHA Mega Show (Craft and Hobby Association) again this year. It's always so exciting to see new products we can offer. As well as learn new techniques to use on current products. We can't wait to share! But for now, there were a few key highlights at the show we wanted to rehash..... Here we go!

This is a mixer completely crystallized! It was so pretty to look at, because the crystal just threw out all different colors. And the designs with in the piece were pretty amazing as well! Work done by Kellie DeFries aka- The Crystal Ninja. #crystalninja
This crystal football was also done by the Crystal Ninja. Laces up!

And this piece took some incredibly steady hands! Again, work by the Crystal Ninja. I don't think I could ever bring myself to open that one!

Look who I found at the CHA show! Rupert was such a kind man! He took time to speak to me, and was just so sincere. It was a pleasure to meet him.
This was a small booklet my assistant made at the Prima Marketing Flowers booth. The colors were amazing! She took a bit to make this, too many choices!
We also had the opportunity to make this mini photobook. This was made at the Graphics 45 booth. Again, just really neat embellishments! Each page inside seems to tell a little story.....
More to come from our CHA Mega Show 2014 experience!
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Crazy for Conversation Hearts!

Conversation Hearts are not just for eating!

We made this conversation heart bracelet using our new conversation heart buttons. So easy and just fun to wear! 
All you have to do is run a jump ring through the loop on the back of the button, then attach to our charm bracelet. The little conversation heart buttons are a variety of pastel colors, so they match almost anything!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blinged Out Running Shoes!

E6000 is not just for jewelry! Here, we used it along with Swarovski crystals to jazz up these Nike running shoes. Crystal running shoes make working out just a little more fun, and a whole lot prettier!

E6000 can be found at our stores or
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

DIY Pendant Decorating!

DIY jewelry fun! Stamp the glass cabochon with ink, let COMPLETELY dry, then paint with nail polish! Step by step instructions are below:
Stamp away!
Materials needed: Blank pendant tray, glass cabochon, E6000, clear nail polish, colored nail polish, black nail polish, necklace strand, stamp, and ink pad.
1. Start with blank glass cabochon.
2. Using a regular ink pad, stamp your image onto the flat side of the glass cabochon. Let dry completely. If the image didn't come out clear, just wipe off with water and try again!
3. Once ink is completely dry, seal it with a thin coat of clear nail polish. Do not press too hard or you may smear the image. Let dry.
4. Using colored nail polish, color in your image! Let dry completely. Try not to glob it on or it won't dry.
5. We added a coat of black nail polish to make the colors pop just a little more. Let dry completely. If it is wet at all, the colors will drift from where you painted. So it must be totally dry.
6. Once the nail polish on the glass cabochon is absolutely and completely dry, add some E6000 to the flat side, press in to your pendant tray blank, and you are done!

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