Thursday, January 2, 2014

DIY Pendant Decorating!

DIY jewelry fun! Stamp the glass cabochon with ink, let COMPLETELY dry, then paint with nail polish! Step by step instructions are below:
Stamp away!
Materials needed: Blank pendant tray, glass cabochon, E6000, clear nail polish, colored nail polish, black nail polish, necklace strand, stamp, and ink pad.
1. Start with blank glass cabochon.
2. Using a regular ink pad, stamp your image onto the flat side of the glass cabochon. Let dry completely. If the image didn't come out clear, just wipe off with water and try again!
3. Once ink is completely dry, seal it with a thin coat of clear nail polish. Do not press too hard or you may smear the image. Let dry.
4. Using colored nail polish, color in your image! Let dry completely. Try not to glob it on or it won't dry.
5. We added a coat of black nail polish to make the colors pop just a little more. Let dry completely. If it is wet at all, the colors will drift from where you painted. So it must be totally dry.
6. Once the nail polish on the glass cabochon is absolutely and completely dry, add some E6000 to the flat side, press in to your pendant tray blank, and you are done!

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