Friday, January 31, 2014

New Pebeo Bezel Effects Paints!!!

Yay! Ok, for those of us that love DIY and love new things to try out, you will LOVE this as much as we do! We now carry Pebeo Bezel Effects Paints! Woot woot! They are so cool because the paints create honeycomb and moon crater surfaces.
This is the Fantasy Prisme paint. We finished it off with Ice Resin.

We also tried it, but with a glass cabochon instead of Ice Resin.
Here they are side by side.
And here you can see the transformation the bezel effects paints made when we poured it and waited a few minutes.

And this is an example of the Moon Effects, finished with ice Resin.
And here it is with a glass cabochon. The glass tends to magnify the "craters" a little more.
You can find these fantastic bezel paints at either of our shops!