Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Dog Lover" Keychain

Calling all dog lovers!
Here are the steps to make this "Dog Lover" keychain. So simple but so cute! Enjoy!

1. Punch a hole in your unlined bottlecap (we used our black bottlecap and a heavy duty punch).
2. Attatch 2 jump rings to the bottlecap, then to a swivel clip and key chain. We painted the inside of the bottle cap with agold glitter nailpolish. Let dry.
3. Cut off the loop from the back of the dog button and make as flat as possible. Glue dog and hearts in using E6000. Let dry.
4. Cut off loop from back of dog bone button in same manner as step 3. Glue to other side of bottlecap. Let dry.
5. Glue "I love dogs" flat button to a bail. Let dry.
6. Add "I love dogs" to key chain clip, and you are done!

#buttoncrafts #diykeychain

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