Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Just Breathe" Ice Resin Pendant

Having too much fun playing with our newly added Ice Resin!
Here are the steps to make this cute and easy pendant:

Materials: Ice resin, Glitter flakes, Pendant tray, Flower stickers, Verse stickers, and Organza necklace.
1. Start with blank pendant tray. We used oval, but you can use any size really.
2. Fill pendant tray with a layer of Ice Resin.
3. While still wet, add a layer of glitter flakes. They will sink themselves into the resin. Let dry.
4. Once first layer is dry, add stickers. The resin will have made a hard surface the stickers can stick to.
5. Next, add more resin. At this point, we added a little more glitter flakes to blend in the edges of the verse stickers, and just make other areas pop. You can move the glitter with a push pin. Be sure that with the new layer of ice resin and the additional glitter, your pendant tray is filled to pretty much the edge. Let dry on a flat surface.
7. Add the pendant to your organza necklace, and you are done!

You can find pendant trays, ice resin, and organza necklaces at our shop or