Monday, November 25, 2013

Magnet Polish Pendant Tutorial

This pendant is fun and easy to make!

Materials: pendant tray, pendant glass tile, Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish, clear base coat nail polish, E6000, necklace strand, crystals (optional).

1. With your pendant glass face down, apply a coat of the clear polish. Let dry.
2. Grab your magnetic polish and have the magnet cap they provide ready to use!
3. Now, add a generous coat of the magnetic polish. Go quickly to step 4 because you do not want that polish to dry.
4. Take the magnetic cap and hover over the polish as close as you can, 10 seconds each area. You will see the waves form! Continue until entire polished area has designs. Let dry.
5. Apply another layer of clear polish. Let dry.
6. Now apply some E6000 to the back of the glass (the same side you just painted). Gently set into tray and press down firmly. Once dry, add to a necklace strand, and you are done! For extra bling, you can also glue on a few crystals!

If the waves don't turn out right on your first try,  no worries, just clean the glass with nail polish remover, and try again!

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