Saturday, November 2, 2013

Textured Pendant Tutorial

Directions to make this pendant!
Materials: 25mm square pendant tray, ball chain necklace, paperclip, ice resin, Piddix image, scissors, Recollections micro beads.
1. Punch out or cut out you image. We then cut off the black border to change things up a bit.
2. Apply thin coat of ice resin to bottom of pendant tray.
3. Place your image in tray. Press down on image to get air bubbles out. We used the paperclip. This also allows the ice resin to ooze out, giving us adhesive to add the beads.
4. Grab your micro beads. 
5. Apply around the borders. This gives the pendant a neat textured look. You can use the paperclip to assist in moving the beads around, if needed. We then let dry, keeping the pendant level with the trusty paperclip!
6. Once dry, fill the pendant the rest of the way with ice resin. Let dry on level surface.
7. Add to ball chain necklace, you are done!
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