Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pearl Pendant with Ice Resin!


Steps to make pendant!
 Materials used: 1 inch square pendant tray, ice resin, 1.5 mm ball chain, crystals, freshwater pearl beads, mica flakes.
1. Starting with blank tray, add a thin layer of ice resin. While still wet, cover bottom of tray with mica flakes. Then add another thin layer of ice resin. Do not fill to top of tray.
2. Add in some ball chain. Position any way you like.
 3. Add in the pearls. We then let dry. Once dry, we added another thin layer of ice resin. From there, you can add the crystals. Do not cover them with the resin. The tray should be filled at this point. Let dry on flat surface.
 4. Add chain, and you are done!

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