Monday, July 21, 2014

Pendants with Fabric!

So, recently, we were asked how it would look to use fabric or cloth in the pendant trays, instead of paper. This was something we had actually never tried before!

Sooooo, we thought we would share the experience! Enjoy!

Here we go! 
Please note- we used Judikins Diamond Glaze on the butterfly pendant and 3D Crystal Lacquer on the dress stand pendant. We wanted to see if there was any difference, but we didn't really notice any. 

Materials needed:
Fabric (enough to cover flat side of glass)
Glass cabochon 
Pendant tray
Necklace strand 
Judikins Diamond Glaze or 3D Crystal Lacquer
E6000 glue or clear nail polish

Step 1.
Apply a thin layer of glaze to your glass cabochon. Carefully set wet side down on to fabric. You want the wet side to be applied to the side of the fabric you want showing in the pendant. Carefully press down and press out any air bubbles. This part is a little tricky because you also want to be sure the glass does not move from the area of your desired image. You may need to move it back to the original position if it slides.
Once in position and air bubbles are out, set aside and let dry. We left the fabric side up so that we didn't risk the cloth drying to our work surface. Dry time is approximately 10-15 minutes.


Step 2.
Once the glaze is dry, we just took scissors and cut around the glass cabochon. We didn't have it prefect, just cut as close to the edge of the glass as we could.


Step 3.
Now it is time to put the glass in the pendant tray. Here, you have two options. 
You can use the same glaze from step one. If you do this, you MUST use some clear nail polish on the inside of the pendant tray to seal it. Give it at least two good coats of polish over the entire inside of the tray. Let dry.
For some reason, the glaze and fabric combination on the tray can discolor the fabric if you do not seal the tray first. Once the polish is dry, just apply a coat of glaze to the back of the fabric and then press into the tray. Wipe off any glaze that oozes out. 


Or, your other option is to use E6000. With this option, all we did was cover the entire fabric area with E6000. Do not leave any fabric spots untouched by the E6000. A think layer will do just fine. Then press into the pendant tray and wipe away any excess glue.  


Step 4.
Once you have allowed time for the pendants to dry, just run a necklace strand through the loop and you are done!

You can find the supplies we used in our stores!    or