Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sherbet Ombre Pendant Tutorial

Okay, we have to admit, we are in love with the Ombre nail polish pendant technique! 
This one reminds us of ice cold sherbet on a warm summer day!

How did we do it? We are happy to share!

Materials you will need: 
Applicator sponge
Popsicle stick
E6000 glue
4 colors of nail polish
White nail polish
Glass cabochon (we used this oval glass)
Pendant tray blank (we used this oval tray)
Jump ring (we used these antique bronze)
Necklace (we used this bead bar chain)

1. First, drop a few large droplets of nailpolish onto paper. Be generous with the polish. Continue this for all 4 colors of nail polish. Be sure you drop the colors close to each other, but not on top of each other.

2. Make sure the total area you have planned out with the polish will be enough to cover the area of glass. Looking at ours, we have enough! And, we will be able to fit all 4 colors on to the glass.

3. Now, you will want to grab your stick and gently blend the edges of the colors in to each other.

4. Next, grab your sponge. Place it gently on top of the nail polish. Be sure it covers all four colors. Press down on the sponge to be sure the polish sticks to it. Pull the sponge up.
5. Press the sponge on to the flat side of your glass. Be sure to press firmly. That will help ensure all 4 colors make it on to the glass.

6. Once you have the colors pressed on to the glass and it is the desired darkness of color, set aside to dry.

7. Once dry, paint over the colors (paint flat side) with white nail polish. This is just an additional way to make the colors more vibrant. Let dry.

8. Once the white polish has dried, apply a few dabs of E6000 adhesive to the flat side of the glass, over the white polish.

9. Press the glass into your pendant tray. Wipe away any excess glue. Attach your jump ring to the loop on the top of the tray. Set aside and let dry.

9. Once dry, attach the pendant to your necklace chain, and you are done!

Hope you enjoyed our Sherbet Ombre Pendant Tutorial!
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