Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ice Resin Luminous Layers

Looking for a great Mother's Day gift? Or even a new craft for yourself? 
Take a look at the Ice Resin Luminous Layers!
 Not only does this add depth because the paper is textured, 
but it catches light in the most dazzling way!

We used the Luminous Layers with our purse hook bezels. 
This example uses the purple colored sheet, with beautiful blue green undertones.


Each pack contains 2 sheets of each color!
  •  Pack includes 10 sheets, 2 of each 5 colors.
  • Each layer measures 3.75” x 4.5”
  • Use with ICE Resin®, Bezels, and more


 The color changes as light hits the textured paper. It absolutely amazing! 
The photos really don't do it justice.

 In this photo, the light brings out so much of the mint green color! And this is so easy to use. You simple cut or punch to the size of your bezel, mix up your Ice Resin or other jewelry resin, dab a bit of resin in to the tray to make the paper stick, then pour the resin over the paper to the lip of the bezel. Let it sit until it cures, and you are done!

You can find all the materials in the shops!
- Ice Resin
- Luminous Layers
- Purse Hook Bezel
- Scissors or Paper Punch

Take a look: