Sunday, April 26, 2015

Foil and Ink Pendant

Looking for a new pendant idea? Or another way to use your alcohol inks? Well, this is a craft for you! Foil and alcohol ink pendants!

Materials needed:
Judikins Diamond Glaze
Glass cabochon
Blank necklace bezel
Necklace strand
Alcohol inks
Paper towel
Step 1:
Drip alcohol inks onto aluminum foil. You will want to drip them next to, not on top of, each other since they will run and blend in to each other.

Step 2:
Take a paper towel, or even tissue, and very lightly blot the foil. You don't want to remove all the ink, just the liquid excess ink.

Step 3:
Take your glass cabochon and spread a very light layer of glaze evenly across the flat side.

Step 4:
Place the flat side down on the area of the foil that you like the most for your pendant. Press gently and wipe off any excess glaze, if there is any. Allow to dry. We usually place a heavy book on top just to be sure no air gets in.
**Note: If you press hard into the foil glued to the pendant, it changes the "images" that show up in the foil.**

Step 5:
Once dry, carefully cut away the extra foil.

Step 6:
Glue your finished cabochon into your bezel (we used E6000), allow to dry, add a necklace strand, and then you are done!

The aluminum makes it appear to change color when light hits it from different directions!


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