Thursday, August 29, 2013

Snowman Pendant Tray

Here are the steps to make this cute Snowman pendant!
Materials: Diamond Glaze, nail polish, stickers, rectangle pendant tray, ball chain strand, snowflake buttons.
1. Paint a few coats of nail polish in bottom of pendant tray. Our color was a glittery light gold. Let dry.
2. Cut off the plastic loop on back of button with wire cutters as much as possible. Position snowflake buttons into tray, then fill with a coat of Diamond Glaze. Let dry.
3. Position stickers as you like them.
4. Once stickers in place, fill with more Diamond Glaze. Be sure to remove any bubbles (if any). Let dry.
5. String on a necklace, you are done!
You can find jewelry supplies and buttons here: