Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Upside down Sticker Pendant

Below are the step by step directions to make a pendant necklace like this!

1. Apply one coat clear polish to flat side of glass cabochon. 
2. Have stickers ready (these are nail stickers), and in position you desire. Use pins to place non-sticky side down on flat glass. 
3. Once on polish, gently use pins to smooth sticker completely down. Gently apply another coat of polish over entire flat area. 
4. Once dry, apply any additional colors you like. Have fun with it!
5. After those dry, you can add a final coat of a darker color if you want to make any light colors show up better. 
6. Once all polish is dry, apply a little E6000 and attach glass to pendant. Add it to a necklace, perhaps add a charm, you are done!
You can find all the jewelry supplies (minus stickers and polish) at www.willowruncrafts.com
Or www.etsy.com/shop/karenscraftsupplies