Monday, August 19, 2013

Swirl Design Necklace with Bail Tutorial

First, start with a cup full of water. Using a clear nail polish and a very dark (we used dark gray) nailpolish, start to make drops into the cup. It doesn't really matter which color you start with. Let a single drop go into the water. You will see it start to spread out. Now drop a drop of the other color (whichever you did not just use). Drop it right into the middle. You will see it actually push the first color out, as if forming a ring. Keep alternating colors in this fashion until the cup is full of rings.

Next, you will take either a long pushpin or toothpick. Poke it into the center, and drag out to the edge of the cup. You will see designs being formed. Continue doing this all around the circle.

Once that is complete, take your glass, flat side facing up, dip into the edge of the cup and swoop us. As you do this, you will see the designs placing themselves into the flat side of the glass. Once you have the nailpolish designs on as you like them, take the glass out carefully. Your fingers will be messy, so you may want to clean your finger with nailpolish remover. Also, using a Q-tip, clean off the front of the glass (not the flat side with designs!). This will make it look more tidy.

Once the polish for the design has dried, use any colors of nailpolish you would like and paint over the dark designs (on the flat side). You can use one color or many colors! Whatever you prefer. Once painted, let dry. We repeated the same process a couple times to make the color stronger. Once those layers of color dry, add a coat or two of white nail polish.

Once all polish has dried, add a small amount of E6000 to the glue pad of a necklace bail, and place onto the flat side of your glass. Once the glue dries, add it to a necklace strand, and you are complete!!!

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